"Detectives Metzger and Jansson sizzle in this smart page turner. Paton's gift for sharp prose cuts to the bone of her well-drawn characters who drive a plot that propels the reader toward the end of this satisfying mystery."

—Matt Goldman, NYT Best Selling Author

"Clever and intriguing... Full of rich details... this well-crafted mystery offers nuanced characters and an unexpected plot..."

—Susanna Calkins, award-winning author of the Lucy Campion historical mysteries and the Speakeasy Mysteries
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If you’re reading this, you trust words. I once trusted words. As a reader/teacher/scholar, I put my faith in them. As a mystery writer, I trust that words will misdirect, deceive, and hide desperate deeds and motives.

About When the House Burns

A Twin Cities Mystery

When death comes home, is nowhere safe? The quest for love and home becomes deadly when Detectives Erik Jansson and Deb Metzger must find a man with no address in their search for the killer of an adulterous real estate agent.


"This is a well-crafted novel with excellent writing, witty dialogue, and plenty of humor. There’s a murder mystery at its center, but it’s ultimately a character-driven story featuring real people with real problems."


"If location is everything in real estate, then WHEN THE HOUSE BURNS is the neighborhood where everyone has secrets. . . . Priscilla Paton has created an offbeat but likeable pair of detectives with a wry sense of humor in this fine procedural."

—Gabriel Valjan, Agatha and Anthony nominated author of the Shane Cleary series

"WHEN THE HOUSE BURNS is a sharp mystery novel. . . The book’s treatment of a homeless encampment . . . leads to potent considerations of what home represents to different people."

—Foreword Reviews


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