Where Privacy Dies

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Published by: Coffeetown Press
Release Date: August 1, 2018
Pages: 252
ISBN13: 978-1603816656




FINALIST Foreword INDIES Award 2018


It’s not finding an executive’s corpse in a Twin Cities wetland that unnerves Detective Erik Jansson—it’s discovering in the dead man’s shoe the photo of a vulnerable girl. That discovery sets off deadly assaults on privacy, including the detective’s own.

Sly, shy Erik is mismatched with Detective Deb Metzger, who introduces herself as 6’2”, lesbian, and scary. The executive’s corpse leads the detectives to a reputation management firm where two other employees are missing, the cyber-security guru and the office slut. The director of the firm—a suave man without a past—hides client data. Attached to the reputation firm is a philanthropy for abuse victims, headed by a woman who entices Erik. When the philanthropy’s files are breached, Deb must protect another girl who has become stalker bait. Erik, in danger, reputation shredded online, is forced to make confessions about his Midwest background. Erik and Deb cannot determine who killed the executive, who hacked the philanthropy files, and who is stalking girls—until a cat vanishes and a clue appears in the kitty-litter box.

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"Priscilla Paton adds a fresh voice to the mystery scene with Where Privacy Dies. Paton delivers lively descriptions, and has an ear for dialogue that works well defining her characters. I loved the interactions, and verbal volleyball, between the unlikely G-Met partners, Detectives Erik Jansson and Deb Metzger. From the discovery of a well-dressed man's body in a wetland, to the unsavory dealings of people in high places, she kept me reading, trying to figure out who was really in the bad guys' corner.”    Christine Husom, National Best-selling Author of the Snow Globe Shop Mysteries. and the Winnebago County Mysteries.

"Fans of SJ Rozan and Deborah Crombie are going to love the mismatched crime fighters at the center of this masterful and timely debut novel; Priscilla Paton tells their story with confidence, style and cunning."    David Housewright, Edgar Award-winning author of Like to Die

This debut novel promises more to come, featuring Jansson and Metzger, snappy repartee, and dark secrets below the fabled Minnesota Nice waiting to be revealed.    Lavender Magazine


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This couldn't be the site of death. The man, the rotting semblance of one, was brought here, dragged and hidden. He wasn't outfitted for bike adventures or birding excursions. The bloodied necktie retained its knotted symmetry, and the muck-saturated suit suggested formality and fussiness. The skull was damaged, the face already food for worms. When the team lifted the body, the footed shoe became unfooted. Erik picked up the shoe and two items fell out. One a custom orthotic. The hairs on his neck stiffened. The other was a laminated photo of a girl, an adolescent curled in the fetal position. She did not look like the live find that would please Zywieck's dogs.